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What Happens to our Body When We Quit Sugar?

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What happens to our body:

Everyone is different but these are many results that people have experienced when quitting sugar:

1. Reduces food cravings

2. Brain fog lifts, clearer memory

3. Your skin clears up

4. Inflammation goes down

5. Weight loss

6. Drastically reduce mood swings- anger

7. Anxiety is calmed

8. Sleep improves

9. Increase of energy and stamina, the fatigue lifts

10. Improved mental health, depression lifts

11. Your gut heals- IBS, Crohns, gas, bloating,

12. Liver heals, fatty liver disease improves and disappears

13. Stronger immune system

14. You’ll reverse or prevent type 2 diabetes

· Drinking just one to two 12-oz sodas per day can increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 26% and the risk of developing hypertension by 12%. More than 1 in 3 US adults has pre-diabetes, and 40 percent of all children are predicted to develop diabetes in their lifetime.

15. Decreases risk of heart disease

· Eating 12–30 teaspoons of added sugar per day increases the risk of dying from heart disease by nearly one-third over those who eat less. Eating more than 30 teaspoons increases the risk nearly three-fold. Sugary drinks contribute to more than 52,000 deaths from cardiovascular disease every year in the US.

16. you live longer!

· Experts say that if we are addicted to carbs, we are committing a slow suicide.