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Quit Sugar Find Peace!

These are just a few of the wonderful benefits of quitting sugar!

I firmly believe that within the near future, we will be looking at sugar consumption the way we look at cigarette smoking today. Added sugar, refined & processed foods, and sweet drinks are commonplace but the research is showing that they are taking a serious toll on our bodies.

People are waking up to the dangers of sugar and the addictive nature it has.

We are inundated with deceptive messages of the joys of sugar and sweet treats- I know because I was a big pusher of them when I had my coffee house. I get it! But now that I'm free of it's grip, I see how much sugar was harming me. It led to autoimmune disease, anxiety, emotional stress, and so much more.

You can get free. I'm living proof! See my story.

Start today by listening to the first 6 podcasts I created for Craving Peace.