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Six First Steps to Healthy Eating

Craving Peace keto low carb steps to healthy eating

Six First Steps

1. Remove all sugars of all kinds from diet. (Most important! Powerful move towards health!)

Including honey, agave, coconut sugar, etc.

2. Remove all grains from diet.

This includes: wheat, rice, oats, corn, stone ground, brown, white, even when labeled ORGANIC, etc.

None contain nutrients you can’t get from a better source and all are inflammatory to your gut, joints, skin, etc.

For more info, search YouTube for examples comparing white & Ezekiel bread. Virtually the same when it comes to blood sugar levels, both spiked high between 130-180, and still high 2 hours after eating.

3. Remove all factory & vegetable seed oils

Corn, canola, cottonseed, grapeseed, rice bran, soybean, safflower, peanut, hydrogenated oils/shortenings, all margarine, etc.-

At home, watch the salad dressings, READ labels

Canola is NOT heart healthy! They may say veg oil but there are NO vegetables in these oils

They are made using high heat and detergents (search these videos on YouTube also) that causes rancidity and toxicity. They weaken our immune system and are a major cause of inflammation in our body, which leads to all kinds of problems, cancer, autoimmune, mental health, etc.

4. Stop being afraid of good healthy fats

Butter, ghee, bacon grease, avocado oil, tallow, lard, coconut oil, olive oil are very good for us!

5. Stop being afraid of salt & get electrolytes

You need sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, they are vital for good health & feeling your best.

Our ground is not as rich in these as it once with these minerals so get a good quality salt or electrolyte. Couple of my favorite are Redmond Salt and LMNT electrolytes.

Magnesium has also been shown to improve sleep as magnesium glycinate has natural calming & relaxing affect. Magnesium also has anti-inflammatory effects that might offer an additional mechanism for the improvement in depression seen with magnesium supplementation.

6. Eat whole real foods

Not KETO products. Yes, could be better than snickers, but not as good for you and probably not really low carb. Avoid prepackaged meals or products/shakes/powders/bars, they often have hidden sugars or unhealthy sugar substitutes such as sucralose.

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