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Sue Cramer Coaching


Hey, thanks for stopping by! I'm Sue Cramer. I love supporting, encouraging, and inspiring women.

I founded Craving Peace to help women find peace in their mind and body while establishing a deeper walk with God, which I believe needs be the foundation of all lasting change and growth in our lives.

Click the button below to join our Facebook group and feel free to fill out a form for a free consult. Whether or not we end up working together, I'd love to connect to help you get a start on reaching your goals!

  • Are you tired of the dieting rollercoaster?

  • Do you spend your days in a cycle of hungry to hangry?

  • Do you struggle with the pain of inflammation, puffiness, bloating, exhaustion, feeling foggy, overwhelmed, or just always tired?

  • Are you struggling to limit carbs & sugar?

  • Have you been told that you are Type 2 or pre-diabetic?

  • Do you just want to feel better?

  • Are you craving connection, encouragement, inspiration, and peace?

  • No pills, shakes, calorie counting, or eating LESS. Eat better not less!

  • And most importantly, are you ready to have a deeper and more relevant walk with God?

I was too, let me help you feel better and enjoy life!

“I’m so glad I decided to have the courage to join the small group, I was so nervous as I have struggled with my weight my whole life and I know that I have an addiction to food and sugar. I knew joining would require me to be vulnerable and face these addictions head on. Sue not only gave us knowledge on how to make the changes we need to make for our health but also guided us with scripture and encouragement.”

"Changing my focus from dieting to lifestyle was the best thing I did and Sue's coaching support and help understanding metabolic health made all the difference."

“To be able to have a Christ centered coaching experience that was filled with educated knowledge of what to do, how to start and become aware of our health while receiving love and support that is needed in one package is exactly what I needed to start this journey and stay with it!”

“I’m so grateful for this class, Sue’s knowledge and encouragement have been life changing and are putting me on a course that I’ve never been able to make real progress at before, I’m finally looking forward to where this will lead and seeing the results every day!”

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